yo alyssa mae she was just fifteen  
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remember when i was a yowapeda artist

OK CHANGED MY MIND its alyssapng yah!!

AAA IVE GOT THE MARIKONAKASU URL THAT WAS SO EASY IM SO HAPPY i have two canon urls of the two characters i relate to the most eeeeeee im so happyyy

i want the uhleesa url i will only be satisfied w that ; _ ;

i dont like a-leessa

its a-leessa now 

im getting bored w the name dorozu tbh

i need to catch up on gravity falls and steven universe what the fuck what the fuuuuuck whoa man

teenidolevilking asked: ✄ if u want!!

revolutionator replied to your post: #tagged for me#this is very alyssa al…


you and i deserve all da girls ;~)