im alyssa im a 15 year old filipino kid in california i use neutral and female pronouns also i like okage
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IN SHORT, I need money.

I have a move I want to make at the end of the year to live with my girlfriends. In order to do this, I’d like to make some extra income on top of what I already earn to make this dream come true.

For right now, I’m offering sketches at 5$ a piece, with flatcolors and simple shading for an additional 5$! More examples can be found in my art tag and scribble tag.

I am willing to do NSFW, but I have my limits. Extreme fetishes involving body wastes, heavy gore, etc. are things I won’t do. If you’re not sure, feel free to ask!

My paypal is for those interested! Please send me an ask or an email (though be warned, I check that very little! if you’d like to contact me!

teenidolevilking asked: NO, SUNSHINE, IT IS WELL OVER 6 PM HERE YES!!! also do teenidolevilking as well the kid could use an ego booster :^)))))


oh shit I made a mistake. do your homework then

ALYSSA “TEENIDOLEVILKING” is very dear to me she got me to read okage which im glad for, I find them charming and adorable even though they love mido and have an ass fixation. also needs to go to sleep earlier. talks about games i dont know anything abt bc I know jack shit about video games???

owned me once on twitter really hard, definitely harder than tom has ever owned me

seems to have good friends which is good but I worry about her and wish she felt more okay to talk about her problems…… hope I can be a good friend and help her with stuff and also protect from the spiders. I fuckin love alyssa they are a delight to be around

this message keeps me warm i will remember it when im down y w y ALSO I DID MY HOMEWORK SSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

how did i own you on twitter tho I WISH I REMEMEBER


twergo is having a lot of fun learning renpy and messing with the game sprites we already have and this is some of what has gone down so far (not actually game content)

Dio sprite is by teenidolevilking
Sigma sprite is by lotthirtyseven
Junpei sprite is by dapperyoungmiss
Akane sprite is by twergo
Phi sprite is by me





pissfreak replied to your post: hey somebody… who is an artist… do you……

thank you spider.

this is what they did alyssa

thats my father

going to sleep take 3 good night

revolutionator replied to your post: its 4 am qucik, someone read me bedtim…

once upon a time there was a beautiful teen idol named linda and she was spirited away on a bicycle by a large cycling lizard. where are you taking me, she asked. the lizard gestured up ahead. it was… dr victor niguel’s hospital?! tbc

sounds like a porno

its 4 am qucik, someone read me bedtime stories

my fave skullgirls characters are based mostly on design tbh lmao

yo belle if u see this tell me when u headin ta bed so i can too

WHAt other school in america starts in gotdamn July i am sueing alifornia