im alyssa im a 15 year old filipino kid in california i use female pronouns also i like okage
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remember these, kids? they used to be so popular on deviantART way back in like 2008 and i remember i used to be so pumped about doing one, though i never really did. so, last night i even had a dream about doing one of these, so i put together some scenarios and here we are, haha! feel free to reblog or save the template for yourself if it catches your fancy! 

please tag your finished meme as  harteus meme so that i and others can find your artwork easily and collected. <3

whenever i see one of those rpgmaker horror games massive crossover art with like ib, yume nikki, mad father, etc etc and i cant name ONE of the games in the art i feel bad

me watching anime takes so much more time than necessary because i always have to pause and take screencaps and post them aand liveblog and!!!!!! scream!!!!!!!! ANIME!!!!!!!

tfw one of ur fave artists is following u on ur art twitter but not on tumblr urrgg!

i want kurapika to operate on my ass

i need to draw more but im scared

tehre are so many good artists following me on here that makes me cry. i am Good at art

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oh natnat, you watch hxh?

i have not watched a single episode of hxh at all today i just miss kurapika so much brueh…